Rolling Stone: Good Lovin’ & The Rascals on Broadway

I always assumed the 1960s group The Rascals–with their hits “Good Lovin'”, “Groovin'” and “A Beautiful Morning”–were part of the British Invasion.  But no…they’re Jersey Boys, and a young Steven Van Zandt (along with his buddy Bruce Springsteen) saw the Rascals as his first concert back in the 1960s.   Van Zandt always admired the band and 43 years later he got the boys back together, directing and producing the short run show at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway.

A few weeks back I was in NYC to photograph The Rascals press day for Getty Images’ FilmMagic and I just saw that Rolling Stone used my image in their article.  If you or your parents are Rascals fans, here’s the show site for tickets and info.

Rascals in Rolling Stone cropped

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