Wedding Information

True and Beautiful.  We focus on the intimate, emotional moments of your wedding day that tell your unique story as a couple.  Enjoy your day…we’ll capture the life and energy of your wedding, family and friends.


  • What are you ‘like’ at weddings?
    The feedback we often hear is calm, friendly, and that people thought we were a friend or guest photographing the wedding. We dress like a guest to blend in as much as possible. We have back up equipment but strive to have a small footprint and be nimble to capture your day unobtrusively. Experience tells us when to be in the background and when to step forward to capture the feel and emotion of your wedding. We’ll help pose you and family during the portrait session, but otherwise, we maintain a photojournalistic approach to document your day…with a smile on our face!
  • How are you different from the many photographers who shoot weddings?
    Three things set us apart. First, we’re editorial photographers—focused on capturing the uniqueness of our clients and their wedding in a true and beautiful way to tell a story. We don't feel weddings are the time to have a full-flung fashion shoot. We're more interested in capturing the real you and your friends and family in beautiful light and in interesting ways. Second, we are also commercial photographers, with portrait clients like the New York Mets who we’ve photographed for nine seasons, Fortune 500 clients like GE and Xerox, and magazines like Coastal Living, O, The Oprah Magazine and Forbes. We bring the technical expertise and people skills required to serve clients like these to our wedding photography. And third, we both have MBAs and experience in the corporate world. We’ve been in business for over ten years and have built a track record of trust and reliability for our clients.
  • Do we need to meet with you?
    We meet with about half of our clients before their wedding. Our studio is 10 minutes off I-84 near Hartford about two hours from both Boston and New York. If you are considering an album, getting together is a great opportunity to touch and feel a physical product. But we often get to know clients over the phone and Skype and meet in person for the first time on their wedding day.

  • Do we need an engagement session?
    We recommend them for people who are going to use the photos for a “save the date” card or guest book or you just want to capture yourselves at this point in your life. For developing rapport with us it’s really not necessary to have an engagement session. We both have a calm, easy way with people and are skilled at at working with clients whom we’ve just met.
  • How do you approach and manage the portrait sessions?
    Group portraits generally require 20 to 60 minutes for couple, family and bridal party photos. We like the session to be loose with a focus on expression and emotion versus a clever or trendy pose. We send you a questionnaire four months before your wedding to help create your wedding photography schedule. This includes a shot list that promotes an organized and speedy portrait session. We often get compliments that our portrait sessions are painless and a lot of fun!
  • What happens after the wedding?
    After your wedding, we select the best photos from the several thousand images taken. We exposure-correct, color-correct and crop each of these photos. We also turn some to black and white for aesthetic reasons. Within six weeks, we post these photos in a password-protected online gallery from which you and family and friends can view and order prints.
  • Will I own the printable photo files?
    In professional photography, photographers provide clients with a "license" to print the files for their own usage. Everyone receives a custom thumbdrive with the final images at a time determined by the package booked. These are high resolution printable files without a watermark. The outtakes are not included in the final images.
  • Should I buy a wedding album?
    The goal of our photography is to tell your story and therefore we strongly believe that the end product of your wedding photography should be a physical album. We’re happy to help you in the creation of a beautiful fully-archival wedding album made by Queensberry, one of the top album companies in the world and our very favorite! See our albums page to learn more.
  • What is the album making process?
    You can easily select your favorite images for your album in the online gallery. If you need help narrowing down the photo choices we can weigh in. Once we receive your favorite images, we’ll work with our designer at Queensberry to create an album design. This takes about one month, after which we’ll send you a link to the online design. You can make any changes you’d like and when after the design is frozen and sent to production, it takes eight to ten weeks to have the album manufactured and shipped from New Zealand to us. Then we will ship the album to your home.