Portraits of the 2009 New York Mets at Spring Training

Mike here…with slight apologies to the Red Sox Nation and legions of Yankees fans in Connecticut…..Jane and I traveled to Port St. Lucie, Florida last week to photograph our new favorite baseball team…the New York Mets  at their Spring Training grounds–Tradition Field for our client SportsNet NY (SNY), the cable channel for "all things New York sports." 

The shoot was on Picture Day at Tradition Field, when the typical head shots are taken by Major League Baseball, The Mets, and the press  for use on TV, the Jumbotron, fan photos, baseball cards, etc.

What's different about this shoot is that SNY wanted pictures of the players that showed much more character and personality, capturing unposed photojournalistic moments.  What a terrific assignment for Jane who loves to….keep it real.  : }

The shoot itself went from 7:30am-9am, one player after another for a total of 69 players and coaches…that's about 90 seconds per player.  The players were great—loose and funny—and were a pleasure to shoot.  Jane remarked that she could really see the boyish side to the players. An excellent shoot all around.  Special thanks to Julie from SNY and the Mets…a great picture is always a team effort!

As an aside, I want to say that I'm really proud of Jane for photographing another high profile commercial job for the NYC market (on top of the TIME 100
Most Influential People and Swarovski's Sputnik Chandelier installation
at the NY Metropolitan Opera).

The Mets play their inaugural opener on April 13 at the new Citi Field.  So………Ya Gotta Believe….Lets Go Mets in 2009!!!  For more Mets pictures, go to our commercial website www.photojane.com.

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Team Captain David Wright:



Carlos Beltran:




Carlos Delgado:



Johan  Santana:



Daniel Murphy:



Mike Pelfrey:



Alex Cora:


J.J. Putz:


Carlos Muniz:


Brandon Knight:


Oliver Perez:


Jose Reyes:


General Manager Jerry Manuel:


6 responses to “Portraits of the 2009 New York Mets at Spring Training”

  1. Being a die hard Mets fan, all I have to say is amazing shots, you really did capture each of their personalities! Did Jerry Manuel call you gangsta?

  2. This is the coolest thing ever. What a treat and thanks for sharing!

  3. Jane,
    I am blown away. Very BEAUTIFUL work!!! Congratulations on a job very well done. I would be proud to have any one of those images in my portfolio…

  4. these are amazing!!!!! really really stunning.

  5. wow Jane you knocked this one…OUTTA THE PARK! 🙂 Incredible stuff, my friend!!

  6. These photos are absolutely amazing! You have such amazing talent! I’m a little disappointed that I can’t see more because photojane.com isn’t working for me, and a lot of my blog readers, but it’s because I’d love to see more!

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