Lobster Rolls of New England Book Launch Party!

Lobster Rolls of New England Book Launch Party!

Our good friend Sally Lerman came to Jane last summer as she was writing her book “Lobster Rolls of New England”, to ask Jane to photograph their adventure in and around New England on sea and land as they explored the nitty-gritty of lobster roll nirvana.  Their Thelma and Louise roadtrip started on the Connecticut and Rhode Island shorelines, before they left port in Maine with lobstermen to see where these bugs come from.  Along the way, they ate their weight in lobster rolls…it’s all chronicled in Sally’s book!

Last week Sally and Ken hosted a festive book signing party at their home, complete with a lobster roll truck serving up warm butter lobster rolls…man they’re good!  One bite and you’ll agree with Sally that “I love lobster, I love butter and when combined with the right bread, I think the lobster roll may be the perfect food.  If I had a last meal, this would be it, ideally finished with a fresh lemon meringue pie.”  Amen.

Lobster Rolls of New England is the definitive book on the subject and Sally brings her expertise having tasted over 200 different lobster rolls.  The book outlines a great adventure and beckons you to follow the Lobster Trail.  And it’s a thoughtful hostess gift or wedding goody bag present for out-of-towners.   Order a copy on Lobster Gal’s website:  http://lobstergal.com/product/lobster-rolls-of-new-england/

Congratulations Sally and Jane!!  And welcome to the Summer of Lobster, 2014!!


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